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Reproduce After Christ's Kind

The Curse is Broken – Judges 11:1-11

How can God use Jephthah, the son of a harlot? How does God use people without natural birth advantages?

Godly Sorrow – II Corinthians 7:1-11

It’s no secret that godly living and authentic joy go hand in hand. And, godly living is the consequence of a repentant heart.

Living Offense Free – Hebrews 12:15

Why are so many people easily offended? What causes a toxic (poisonous) spirit? Why is there such great power in forgiveness?

The Favor of the Lord – Hebrews 9:1-12

What’s the answer to a guilty conscience? Why do so many believers yield to the accuser of the brethren? How is it that so many people feel unworthy?…

The God of Jacob – Genesis 32:24-32

How does God change a man from a schemer to a saint? What’s the process whereby a heart is dramatically changed?

When Life Doesn’t Make Sense – Job 1:20-22

I will never forget the “why” questions that surrounded us during our pastoral years. Why did a young couple see their baby die at birth?

Christmas Victory – Revelation 12:1-5

From the very beginning, Satan has sought to stop the “Christ child”

Christmas Farewell – Hebrews 10:1-22

Why do I love the Christmas story? Why was Jesus born in the first place (of the Virgin Mary)? Why did Jesus offer His life and then “sit down on the right hand of God”? Why is there so much more to Christmas than presents, shopping food and football?

Christ is Risen – II Timothy 2:8

Why exactly was the stone rolled away? Was it so Jesus could come out? Or, was it so we could go in and see for ourselves?

The Empty Tomb – Luke 24:36-53

That Jesus rose from the dead is an historical truth – witnessed by many who saw Him (post-resurrection). So, what exactly does the resurrection mean to us today?

The Lord’s Supper – I Corinthians 11:17-32

What exactly should occur in a real communion service? How can we partake in a worthy manner? Why is it important to “examine ourselves”? How is it possible to bring judgement upon ourselves through rebellion and neglect?

Terah’s Mysterious Detour – Genesis 11:17-32

How in the world could Abraham’s father be detoured in Haran? How could Haran attract Terah in the first place?

The Courage of Ruth – Ruth 1:1-16

I love the story of Ruth! Why? Because she illustrates that our decisions determine our destiny. She reveals how to choose the eternal over the temporal. She makes it clear that it pays to live for…

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The Father is Waiting – Luke 15:11-24

We’ve all heard the story, but it never gets old – how the prodigal son shopped horizontally for what only God can do. How the son spent it all and came up empty. How he ran to his father and was…

Radical Giving – II Corinthians 8:1-9:8

Don’t you love how the Corinthians gave a love offering to help the impoverished saints in Jerusalem? Don’t you love how there was an eagerness (from the heart) to give generously to meet…

Power In Repentance – II Chronicles 15:1-15

Why is putting away our idols so important? Why is it imperative that we “Seek the Lord”? What happens when…

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