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Reproduce After Christ's Kind

Christmas Victory – Revelation 12:1-5

From the very beginning, Satan has sought to stop the “Christ child”

Christmas Farewell – Hebrews 10:1-22

Why do I love the Christmas story? Why was Jesus born in the first place (of the Virgin Mary)? Why did Jesus offer His life and then “sit down on the right hand of God”? Why is there so much more to Christmas than presents, shopping food and football?

Christ is Risen – II Timothy 2:8

Why exactly was the stone rolled away? Was it so Jesus could come out? Or, was it so we could go in and see for ourselves?

The Empty Tomb – Luke 24:36-53

That Jesus rose from the dead is an historical truth – witnessed by many who saw Him (post-resurrection). So, what exactly does the resurrection mean to us today?

Praying That Prevails – Luke 18:1-8

Why did R.A. Torrey say, “Time spent in prayer is not wasted, but time invested at big interest”? Why did Jesus say, “Men ought always to pray and not to faint”?

Praying in Agreement – Matthew 18:11-20

I’ve often said, one snowflake isn’t much by itself, but it takes a bulldozer to move them when they cooperate. That’s what Jesus teaches in Matthew 18. That’s what He promises! That’s why praying alone is fine, but praying together adds force to our praying. In prayer “together” we have authority, power and confidence. Lord, teach…

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Praying Under Pressure – Mark 14:32-42

Ever wonder why Jesus prayed in the Garden? Ever wonder what happened as He prayed? Ever wonder why the “cup of suffering” was not removed? Notice how God reveals that prayer didn’t remove the pain of the cup, but prayer removed the fear of the cup. Download Sermon #27. Praying Under Pressure – Mark 14:32-42 from…

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The Discipline of Prayer – Luke 11:1-13

Why did Jesus’ disciples ask, “Lord, teach us to pray?” Because they realized that all spiritual success depends upon our union with the Lord. Prayer is intimacy and alignment; it is our greatest privilege as believers. Prayer is conversation of our souls with God. Prayer is our spirit panting after God. Prayer is the road…

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Victorious Christian Living – Romans 8:1-4

Ever wonder what Paul actually meant when he said in Romans 8:2, “For the Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death”? What about the next verse (v. 3) that God’s Son has “Condemned sin in the flesh”?  How about (v. 4) “We…

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The Place Called Calvary – Luke 23:32-34

So what exactly happened when “The Lord was slain from the foundation of the world”? (Revelation 13:8) How do we know that our sin debt has been paid? How did Jesus free us from the chains of our past? Why do we have access into the very presence of a Holy God? What makes it…

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Sufficient Grace – II Corinthians 12:1-10

I love this text because God gives us answers to the following four questions: What does Jesus mean when He says “My grace is sufficient for you”? What does Jesus mean when He says “My strength is made perfect in weakness”? What does it mean to “Glory in my infirmities”? What does it mean “That…

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A Sunday Like None Other – Luke 24:36-53

How do you go from huddled in a room in fear, to being renewed by the Person of the Holy Spirit? How do you go from feeling so undeserving to being saturated by the Holy Spirit? How and why did Jesus say, “Be endued with power from on high?” It’s all in Luke 24:36-53. Download…

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Sow On and Sow Forth – Mark 4:26-29

Mark 4:27 is one of the most encouraging truths in Scripture. When Jesus says that the seed of the Word will “spring up and grow” and that you and I “knoweth not how” – it is flat out liberating. We don’t have to have all the answers or know how God will answer prayer. We…

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Easter Messages

It was Luke who used the term passion to describe what Christ endured. The last week of Christ’s life on earth is known as “Passion Week”. Notice Luke’s words; “Christ showed Himself alive after His passion.” (Acts 1:3) Is there any more magnetic power than the cross of Jesus? Is there any greater drawing power than…

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Power In Jesus’ Name – Acts 4:21-31

Don’t you love the Name of Jesus? Don’t you love how the early church prayed, “That signs and wonders be done in the Name of the Holy Child Jesus”? The following message is all about the Name of Jesus. It’s a record of how we have access to God and access to His power –…

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What Really Matters – Matthew 5:17-20

Recently, I was hunting and saw a huge tree on the ground. As I approached the tree, I noticed why the tree had fallen; it had rotted from the inside out. The following message is about being healthy from the inside out! It’s about what’s really important and what really matters. It’s about Jesus dealing…

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The Spirit of Christmas

In keeping with the spirit of Christmas, we have provided a preaching resource to serve you. Here are seven of our favorite Christmas Messages on Christmas Grace, Greatness, Growth, Invitation, Joy, Power and Worship – texts that reveal the greatness of the Christmas season. Feel free to print off, add to, change and use any way…

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