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Reproduce After Christ's Kind

Paul’s Last Words – II Timothy 4:9-22

Throughout your life you will have to deal with friends and foes in ministry. Getting along with people is really, really important. In the following message, God gives us incredible lessons from Paul’s final words. It’s wisdom from God in how to deal with betrayal, illness and the unexplainables in life. As the Lord stood…

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A Pastor’s Guide to Plan Ahead

Dear Pastor, Below is a 12-month guide to serve you as you plan the year ahead. There are certain seasons that provide “great opportunities” to reach new people. Remember; it’s okay to be intentional and plan, as long as your plans are preceded and supported by prayer! Blessings as you “lead forward” in reaching new…

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What Really Matters – Matthew 5:17-20

Recently, I was hunting and saw a huge tree on the ground. As I approached the tree, I noticed why the tree had fallen; it had rotted from the inside out. The following message is about being healthy from the inside out! It’s about what’s really important and what really matters. It’s about Jesus dealing…

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The Double Portion – II Kings 2:9-14

It seems like everybody wants the double portion, but not everybody wants the process. How easy it is to go to a meeting and expect someone to “impart” to us the anointing of God. The following message is about Elisha’s process. It’s about his three wisdom choices. It’s about you and me being willing to…

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