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Praying at Ahava – Ezra 8:21-31

You have to admire the faith of Ezra (down by the riverside). And, you have to admire how God answered prayer and honored His name among praying people…

Prepared for Battle – I Samuel 7:1-17

I love the strategy of Samuel; I love how Samuel calls us to prepare our hearts and put away every idol. I love how Samuel gathered people together at Mizpeh to humble themselves before the Lord…


*NEW CATEGORY* Books of the Bible

Many pastors will spend a few weeks diving into one book of the Bible at a time. Check out these sermon resources for the books of Daniel, I Peter, Joshua, Matthew, Ephesians 6 and more to come. Blessings! Bill Kirk BOOKS OF THE BIBLE – Sermon Series

Praying In Battle – II Chronicles 20:1-22

Ever wonder how fasting and prayer overcomes Satan’s plan? Ever wonder why Jehoshaphat organized people to fast, pray and offer worship unto the Lord?…

Praying That Prevails – Luke 18:1-8

Why did R.A. Torrey say, “Time spent in prayer is not wasted, but time invested at big interest”? Why did Jesus say, “Men ought always to pray and not to faint”?

Praying With Perseverance – Ephesians 6:10-18

What did Paul mean when he said, “Praying always”? What does it mean to pray, “In the Spirit”? What does it mean to “Watch in prayer”?

Praying In The Spirit – I Corinthians 14:1-33

I love praying in the Spirit! Why? Because praying in the Spirit (in other tongues) edifies, builds up and strengthens our inner man.

Praying in Agreement – Matthew 18:11-20

I’ve often said, one snowflake isn’t much by itself, but it takes a bulldozer to move them when they cooperate. That’s what Jesus teaches in Matthew 18. That’s what He promises! That’s why praying alone is fine, but praying together adds force to our praying. In prayer “together” we have authority, power and confidence. Lord, teach…

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The Weapon of Prayer – II Corinthians 10:3-5

While prayer is alignment and intimacy – it is also a battle! Why? Because we are praying against the powers of darkness to release the souls of men! The good news is, the weapon of prayer is “mighty through God” to achieve its purpose. Blessed reading as we “pull down the strongholds” in prayer! Download…

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