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Reproduce After Christ's Kind

The Glory of the Cross – Galatians 6:11-18

It’s no secret to healthy Christians – the Cross has power to change the human heart! It’s the Cross that creates internal change, calms our spirit with divine peace and comforts us when we are tempted to complain, feel entitled or get sour. Hear the hymn writers words; deep within your soul. Download Sermon #66….

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The Crucified Man – Romans 6:1-14

I call Romans 6 the believers “Declaration of Independence”. It’s a word from heaven to teach us that we are free from sin’s power, we are crucified to sin, we can put on the “new man” and we can glorify God in word, thought and deed! Download Sermon #65. The Crucified Man – Romans  6:1-14…

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I Saw the Lord – Isaiah 6:1-9

What did Isaiah do in his anxious moments? Where did he go for relief and perspective? How did he respond when he saw the Lord? And, what difference does it make in your life and mine? Blessed reading from a great text in scripture that gets right to the heart. Download Sermon # 64.  I…

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New Wine From Above – Luke 5:27-39

Who doesn’t want internal change over external change? Who doesn’t want fresh bread over stale? Who doesn’t want to be strong instead of weak? Who doesn’t want to be anointed with fresh oil? Enjoy the message of Jesus directly to our hearts. Download Sermon #63. New Wine From Above – Luke 5:27-39 from 1-150 Messages

The Rest of the Story – Matthew 11:28

I love how Jesus ministers to us.  I love how He speaks to us specifically! I love how Jesus knows what He’s talking about! “If you’re heavy laden, I’ll give you rest.” “My yoke is easy.” “My burden is light.” Allow the truth to free you from self-imposed weights and burdens. Download Sermon #62. The…

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