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Building Healthy Leaders

It’s no secret that no one improves by accident and nothing drifts towards excellence! It’s also no secret that no one in ministry is healthy by chance. John Ortberg said, “If we don’t take care of our own souls, no one else will.” Parker Palmer wrote, “Self-care is never a selfish act.” Since only a…

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The Vineyard of the Soul – Song of Solomon 1:1-16

I love how Solomon writes about the “beloved”. I love the fact that Jesus wants to spend time with us in prayer. And yet, we must be ever on guard to protect the vineyard of our heart. Why? Because “thorns”, “nettles” and the “broken wall” reminds us of spiritual neglect. Yes, it’s possible to neglect…

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1-150 Messages

Below are 150 messages on a variety of topics. Why make them available? Because Jesus said it is truth that frees us from ourselves so that we can reach our fullest potential. Click on titles of sermons to download .pdf files When Chains Fall Off  Acts 12:1-7 The Day That Worry Died  Mark 16:1-7 The Double Portion  II…

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Champions of God

52 Character Studies That Build Your Spiritual Man Ever wonder how God could use ordinary people with all kinds of limitations, frailties and weaknesses? Ever wonder how God could use Rahab the harlot, Gideon the scared farmer, Jephthah the son of a prostitute, Lydia the business woman, Leah in deep pain or Jeremiah in all…

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The Sacred Invitation – Song of Solomon 5:2

Solomon reveals the heart of our Bridegroom to fellowship with us! Solomon also reveals…