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The Passion of Missions – Ecclesiastes 11:4

About two years ago I came across Ecclesiastes 11:4, a principle verse I had never really seen before. It’s a principle of life, ministry and missions. It relates to so many areas of church life and intentionality. In fact, it knocks the stuffing out of all my procrastination. I think you’ll love the context of…

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Characteristics of a Joy Spreader – Acts 11:19-26

I love how Barnabas stuck his neck out to support Paul when Paul was converted. I love how Barnabas deferred to Paul who was a great communicator. I love how Barnabas gave John Mark a second chance when Paul didn’t.  I love how Barnabas encouraged the saints in Antioch. I think you will fall in love…

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Easter Messages

It was Luke who used the term passion to describe what Christ endured. The last week of Christ’s life on earth is known as “Passion Week”. Notice Luke’s words; “Christ showed Himself alive after His passion.” (Acts 1:3) Is there any more magnetic power than the cross of Jesus? Is there any greater drawing power than…

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