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When Your Vision Becomes Obscured – Acts 27:14-20

If the evil one can steal your hope, that spells vulnerability! If the storms of life can steal your optimism, that spells deep despair. If the enemy is able to kill your vision, trouble awaits. See how Paul responded when the storm hit his ship; see how the Lord finished what He started. Download Sermon…

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A Spiritual Breakthrough – II Samuel 5:17-25

We’ve all faced intimidation like David did. We’ve all heard enemy lies that dent our spirit. We’ve all encountered whispers of the evil one. See how David responded in prayer and how God responded to his earnest prayer. May God find us positioning ourselves in prayer so God can do what He wants to do!…

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Sow On and Sow Forth – Mark 4:26-29

Mark 4:27 is one of the most encouraging truths in Scripture. When Jesus says that the seed of the Word will “spring up and grow” and that you and I “knoweth not how” – it is flat out liberating. We don’t have to have all the answers or know how God will answer prayer. We…

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What Is Humility? – Proverbs 22:4

When Doug Clay said the phrase “Humility will lessen stress in your life” at District Council in Johnson City, I was abruptly stopped. For days I kept repeating his statement. It provoked me to dig deeper. What humility is and what it does will benefit us all. Blessed reading and stress reduction as we humble…

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The God of New Beginnings – Genesis 13:1-4

I will never forget Jim Cymbala’s words at District Council in Binghamton, NY. The words were, “The Christian life is made up of 10,000 new beginnings.” These words come alive in Abraham’s life as he goes through a period of confusion and turn-a-round. I think you’ll love how Abraham sadly went down to Egypt –…

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