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Reproduce After Christ's Kind

Intimacy Restored With God – Exodus 33:1-18

Is it really possible to grieve the Holy Spirit? Do we really lose something when we backslide?

New Beginnings Series

NEW BEGINNINGS SERIES I love the fact that God is the God of “New Beginnings”! And, the New Year provides a great opportunity for people to: Take Inventory Start Fresh Make Adjustments Renew Commitment Prioritize Decisions Here is a five message series – to begin the New Year by keeping the Lord in first place….

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Moving Forward Together Series

For leaders who are ready to Intentionally Move Forward this is for you. You will be able to take your leadership to the next level with leaders in your church by: Putting Ego Aside Asking Tough Questions Finding God’s Answers Taking Intentional Steps Forward “…The whole body is healthy and growing together in love.”  Ephesians 4:16 MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER…

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No Rain – Isaiah 5:1-25

What are the “cloud stoppers” that hinder revival? What did Isaiah address that speaks to us today?

The Spiritual Leader’s Series

The Spiritual Leader Series is a list of 25 messages for leaders on the front lines of battle. We share several of these in leader’s retreats to encourage your heart and equip your hands. Click on titles of sermons to download .pdf files The Leader’s Encouragement – Luke 13 The Leader’s Seasons – Psalm 105 The…

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