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New Beginnings Series


I love the fact that God is the God of “New Beginnings”! And, the New Year provides a great opportunity for people to:

  • Take Inventory
  • Start Fresh
  • Make Adjustments
  • Renew Commitment
  • Prioritize Decisions

Here is a five message series – to begin the New Year by keeping the Lord in first place. Blessed reading as you “Seek first the Kingdom of God”! Blessed joy as you enjoy the journey! Blessed peace and contentment as you celebrate the privilege of living for eternal values! As John Piper says, “The supremacy of God in all things.”


Beginning the New Year God’s way

How God proves himself to those who put Him first

Real living from the perspective of the Lord

The one command that encompasses all the rest

How the feasts affect us today in a sacred assembly

billkirk • December 6, 2015

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