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52 Character Studies That Build Your Spiritual Man Ever wonder how God could use ordinary people with all kinds of limitations, frailties and weaknesses? Ever wonder how God could use Rahab the harlot, Gideon the scared farmer, Jephthah the son of a prostitute, Lydia the business woman, Leah in deep pain or Jeremiah in all…

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No Right to Complain – Hebrews 12:1-13

Jesus didn’t suffer so that Christians wouldn’t have to. He suffered to show us how to go through it. Hebrews 12 reveals how the cross protects us from self-inflicted pity parities and a “poor me” attitude. As David Hertweck has said: “The cross proves that there is nothing that God cannot ask of us.” Blessed…

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Lamps Are Going Out – Matthew 25:1-13

“Give us your oil, for our lamps are going out.” It’s a powerful statement and confession. It’s a reality in life. It’s a condition to be aware of. Let the parable of Jesus prepare your heart for the long haul! Download Sermon #70. Lamps Are Going Out – Matthew 25:1-13 from 1-150 Messages

No More Blame Game – John 9:1-11

“Master, who sinned; this man or his parents that he was born blind?” Allow Jesus’ answer to overcome your doubts, worries, questions and fears. Allow the truth to free you to enjoy the journey and enjoy your life. Download Sermon #69. No More Blame Game – John 9:1-11 from 1-150 Messages

The Place Is Here and The Time Is Now – Exodus 17:1-7

What happens when Moses gets alone with God in prayer? #1. God tells Moses what to do! #2. God tells Moses what God will do! Discover with Moses – God’s plan and provision in daily life. Download Sermon #68. The Place Is Here and The Time Is Now – Exodus 17:1-7 from 1-150 Messages

The Curse and its Cancellation – Galatians 3:10-29

What does it mean when Scripture says; “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law”, “Christ was made a curse for us” and  “Cursed is everyone that hangs on a tree”? Enjoy Paul’s great message of liberty and freedom! Download Sermon #67. The Curse and its Cancellation – Galatians 3:10-29 from 1-150 Messages

The Glory of the Cross – Galatians 6:11-18

It’s no secret to healthy Christians – the Cross has power to change the human heart! It’s the Cross that creates internal change, calms our spirit with divine peace and comforts us when we are tempted to complain, feel entitled or get sour. Hear the hymn writers words; deep within your soul. Download Sermon #66….

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The Crucified Man – Romans 6:1-14

I call Romans 6 the believers “Declaration of Independence”. It’s a word from heaven to teach us that we are free from sin’s power, we are crucified to sin, we can put on the “new man” and we can glorify God in word, thought and deed! Download Sermon #65. The Crucified Man – Romans  6:1-14…

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I Saw the Lord – Isaiah 6:1-9

What did Isaiah do in his anxious moments? Where did he go for relief and perspective? How did he respond when he saw the Lord? And, what difference does it make in your life and mine? Blessed reading from a great text in scripture that gets right to the heart. Download Sermon # 64.  I…

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New Wine From Above – Luke 5:27-39

Who doesn’t want internal change over external change? Who doesn’t want fresh bread over stale? Who doesn’t want to be strong instead of weak? Who doesn’t want to be anointed with fresh oil? Enjoy the message of Jesus directly to our hearts. Download Sermon #63. New Wine From Above – Luke 5:27-39 from 1-150 Messages

The Rest of the Story – Matthew 11:28

I love how Jesus ministers to us.  I love how He speaks to us specifically! I love how Jesus knows what He’s talking about! “If you’re heavy laden, I’ll give you rest.” “My yoke is easy.” “My burden is light.” Allow the truth to free you from self-imposed weights and burdens. Download Sermon #62. The…

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Go Make Disciples

God’s one agenda for the church is found in Matthew 28:19; “Go into all the world and make disciples.” Why is “making disciples” so important? Because intentional discipleship will see people go from…. Consumer to contributor! Me-ology to theology! It’s all about me to it’s all about God! Feed me to use me! What can…

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Books of the Bible Message Series

Take your congregation through in depth studies on specific books of the Bible.      

The Armor of God – Ephesians

It’s no secret to anyone that your life will always go in the direction of your most dominant thoughts. In other words, we feel what we feel and we do what we do because we think what we think. In our day of pollution and distraction, guarding your heart and mind is imperative. In Ephesians…

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Sermon On The Mount Series – Matthew 5

I love the principles taught in the Sermon on The Mount. Why? Because it’s Jesus addressing the matters of the heart; it’s Jesus getting under our skin; it’s Jesus showing us how to be whole, content, hungry and satisfied. It’s Jesus revealing to us that the greatest joy in life is having nothing to prove…

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Lifting Psalms – Psalms

Over one half of the Psalms are laments about real-life issues. Why? To teach us how to process life, trust in God and be healthy in the process. From confession to joy, from despair to hope, from weakness to strength, from darkness to light – it’s the Word that builds the soul. Blessed reading as…

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Jesus In The Church – Revelation 1

“Write down what you see John and send it to the churches.” (Revelation 1:11) And, oh, what John saw! And what John saw and recorded ministers to us all today – right now! Discover Jesus and His ministry to you as you see what John saw. Let Jesus be Jesus as He stands in the…

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