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God’s one agenda for the church is found in Matthew 28:19; “Go into all the world and make disciples.” Why is “making disciples” so important? Because intentional discipleship will see people go from….

  • Consumer to contributor!
  • Me-ology to theology!
  • It’s all about me to it’s all about God!
  • Feed me to use me!
  • What can I get to what can I give!

The following ten messages are just a part of making disciples. The series is intended to make the heart healthy and strong. The goal is to see people become learners, followers, witnesses and reproducers. Blessed reading as God moves us from shallow to serious followers – all to make His name famous and never our own!

  1. The CONTRITION of a Disciple – Isaiah 66:1-2; John 13:1-17
  2. The CLOSENESS of a Disciple: Closing the Gap Between God and Ourselves – John 13:23
  3. The CROSS of a Disciple: How the Cross of Jesus Affects Us Today – I Corinthians 1:17-18
  4. The COMFORT of a Disciple: God’s Provision for Any Disciple Under Pressure – II Corinthians 1:1-11
  5. The CONSCIENCE of a Disciple: How Our Conscience Can Be Sensitive Towards God – Acts 23:1/24:16
  6. The COOPERATION of a Disciple: How You Personally Fit Into God’s Agenda – I Corinthians 12:1-27
  7. The COST of a Disciple: 4 Tests That Separate The Serious From The Shallow – Luke 14:25-33
  8. The COURAGE of a Disciple: When You Ask “Why?” and Answers Don’t Come Easy – Judges 6:1-13A; 7:2; 8:28
  9. The CONFIDENCE of a Disciple: How the Sovereignty of God Produces Great Confidence Within – Psalm 93:1-5
  10. The CHARACTER of a Disciple: How Obedience is the True Certificate of Christian Character – I Samuel 15:1-35
Making Disciples

billkirk • February 24, 2016

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