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Jesus In The Church – Revelation 1


“Write down what you see John and send it to the churches.” (Revelation 1:11) And, oh, what John saw! And what John saw and recorded ministers to us all today – right now!

Discover Jesus and His ministry to you as you see what John saw. Let Jesus be Jesus as He stands in the midst of His church.


  1. A Shout of Victory – Revelation 1
  2. John Saw The Robe – Revelation 1:13B
  3. John Saw The Hair – Revelation 1:14A
  4. John Saw The Eyes – Revelation 1:14B
  5. John Saw The Feet – Revelation 1:15A
  6. John Heard The Voice – Revelation 1:15B
  7. John Saw The Hands – Revelation 1:16A
  8. John Saw The Sword – Revelation 1:16B

“Write down what you have seen and send it to the churches” – Revelation 1:11

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billkirk • November 30, 2015

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