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When Chains Fall Off Acts 12:1-7

It’s no secret that painful things can happen to good people. It’s also no secret that nothing takes God by surprise. As Charles Spurgeon once said, “There are some things we must leave in the eternal chambers of God.”

Acts 12:1-11 is God’s way to respond in our emergency. It’s a record of the early church praying in a crisis. It’s a revelation of how God may not be early, but for sure is never late.

Be encouraged by the fact that light can penetrate any place and break through to any heart. Be encouraged to know that where Christians unite in prayer, we really do have Heaven’s attention.

May the following Four Secrets from a Prison Cell edify and build the soul!

Download Sermon #1. When Chains Fall Off – Acts 12:1-7

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billkirk • November 12, 2014

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