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Reproduce After Christ's Kind

Seize the Moment

Ever wonder why some people grow faster (spiritually) than others?
Ever need assurance that God is working even when you cannot see Him?
Ever been tempted to notice other people’s sin more than your own?
Ever wonder why some people need attention or recognition to feel better about themselves?

It’s truth that frees us from ourselves. It’s truth that allows God to capture our hearts and glorify His name.

  1. When Preaching Is Wasted – Mark 4:3-20
  2. The Process Of Divine Life – Mark 4:24-32
  3. Gospel Freedom – Luke18:9-14
  4. Reaching Your Potential – Psalm 141:1-10
  5. A Valley Full Of Ditches – II Kings 3:1-20
  6. Renewed For The Journey – Isaiah 43:18,19
  7. Not Me – John 8:31-36
  8. The Pastor’s Promises – I Samuel 10:6
  9. Paul’s Ministry Challenges – II Corinthians 11:23-27
  10. Caves, Chains and Cemeteries Mark 5:1-20

billkirk • December 14, 2016

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