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An Excellent Spirit – Daniel 1-6

I love these words from Daniel 5:12 and 6:3; “An excellent spirit was found in Daniel.”

What is an excellent spirit? How did Daniel obtain and exercise one? And, what’s the message to us where we live and serve today?

Discover with me how God gave Daniel wisdom to know what to do and courage to do it.


  1. Rewards Of An Excellent Spirit – Daniel 1-6
  2. The Power Of Integrity – Daniel 1
  3. A Grateful Spirit – Daniel 2
  4. The Fiery Furnace – Daniel 3
  5. Mercy From God – Daniel 4
  6. The Party’s Over – Daniel 5
  7. When Lions Roar – Daniel 6

Daniel was preferred above the others because an excellent spirit was in him.” – Daniel 6:3

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billkirk • November 30, 2015

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