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Comfort From Isaiah Series – Isaiah

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Are there any more comforting words than these from God through Isaiah?

“Rough places will be made plain”
“Fear not for I am with you”
“A bruised reed He will not break”
“When you walk through the fire, you’ll not be burned”
“You are my servant and will not be forgotten by Me”
“I will go before you and make the crooked places straight”

It’s a 27 chapter love letter (chapters 40-66) that pours faith, hope and healing into every heart. Blessed reading as you discover that it’s true; our God reigns!


  1. Bruised But Not Broken – Isaiah 42:1-16
  2. Three Words of Power – Isaiah 61:1-11
  3. The Presence of God – Isaiah 64:1-12
  4. Open Doors of Ministry – Isaiah 60:1-22
  5. Remembered by God – Isaiah 49:1-26
  6. I Exalt Thee – Isaiah 25:1-12
  7. God’s Glory Revealed Today – Isaiah 63:1-19
  8. Restored and Renewed – Isaiah 40:27-31
  9. Appetite is Everything – Isaiah 55:1-13
  10. I Saw the Lord – Isaiah 6:1-9

“Comfort ye, Comfort ye, My people” – Isaiah 40:1

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billkirk • November 30, 2015

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